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Jan 11, 2013 11:00pm PST
three wi-fi sites and i'm also joined by ros mather from ham heth and edison who did the radio frequency testing and i believe analysis that is in your packet. * i do want to put out for the commission this is a different technology, as you have not seen us deploy before. this is wi-fi technology. normally we come before you and we ask for your permission to put up macro sites which are 4 feet by 2 feet panel antennas somewhere between 9 and 12. these are wi-fi technologies, about the size of this notebook, more accurately the size of an ipad. so, the 6 you see going in the size of an ipad, the one we're asking for at 1101 fillmore is 20 inches by 7 inches. so, they're very small technology. unfortunately the nature of this technology is that it only accommodates data. it does not accommodate every single spectrum and every single technology that run on our network. so, what has happened is we have decided to place three wi-fi sites in the center of two macro sites to pull off the capacity from those macro sites that are overloaded right now to serve our customers better. there
Jan 12, 2013 5:00am PST
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Jan 11, 2013 11:00pm PST
with was seven people so thatas definitely a learning curve. >> ros let competent talk about the characters, hanna is you, of course. >> uh-huh. >> rose: describe hanna. >> hanna is i would say sweetest -- >> rose: loving it? >> loving it. the sweetest words i can use to describe hanna would be sort of happen less, hal, hapless anxiety ridden. >> rose: that doesn't sound like you. >> hanna is the most, it is weird sea mix of the st anxious, self-conscious, unpredictive parts of myself, and the parts that feel the most free to express themselves and the most -- and feel they have the right to do whatever they want, it is nun any because i both find than na, i mean she can be painful to play because i always say she has two choices in front of her, the right one and the wrong 1 and 1 is labeled right 1 and 1 is labeled wrong one and she will think about it po for a long time and choose the wrong one so that can be a challenge to play sympathetically but i learn from her. he is so -- she cannot tell a li she can not betray herself, she, you know, has a genuine desire to make people around her
Jan 11, 2013 4:00pm PST
on november 10,j@ro 2005 so a little over seven years ago. that was to allow construction of a garage in the required rear yard of the subject property. at the time we reviewel" building permit application it was stated that theétb6)ñ property was ;f the building permit for the the garage was actually issued and appealed to this board. the board of appeals denied that permit because ñ weÑÑ% 6 overwhelming evidence that the building was usedcf::>÷ group housing. t™ come through and achieve+0%( "Ñ a building permit or received a building permit16p to legalize that use. now try to come back and go through this process.c7 yyou know maybe% understood the board's intention and i apologize if last hearing but the board didn't wantx8b3% to extendq4"bh it past november 23 rd extension ,÷ we had given and no extension of thejpe0 board pn[ is final until a decision is issued and that's why i did not feel comfortable having the process continue during the rehearing request period because anyone could have -- the party coul
Jan 12, 2013 4:00am EST
is three names brands, quick silver, ro x i, and dc, and that mostly appeals to surfers and skaters or people that want to look like surfers, skateboard riders or have tattoos like young people are doing, it's cool. during the 1990s, and the first day of the 2000s, quick silver was a red hot growth, one of the smoke shows, on fire. but for years, the company has been stagnant. and came close to going bankrupt. it's come back from the brink. quick silver has had a lot of trouble getting investors to appreciate brands. i don't know why. or customers. honestly, what is not to like? so why does goldman think that quick silver is now a buy? main catalyst, last thursday, quick silver announced they were hiring a new ceo that starts work today. his maim is andy mooney. why do bald guys think it does anything when you do that? why is goldman so bullish about this guy? mooney has a terrific track record. he spent most of the last decade running disney's consumer products division where he turned around the retail business. before that during the 1990s he was the head of marketing at nike dur
Jan 11, 2013 9:00pm PST
ros rosa, 32 in palal, this is the tonight where you weren't to bundle up and if going to head out the door early tomorrow morning, coats jackets glove you need it all. tomorrow an upper 40's to low 50's so keeping it cool but mostly sunny for your saturday and around the monterey bay looking at temperatures in the low 50' 50's. it's a big game tomorrow night if going to the niners game. take on the green bay packers. it's going to be col cold. so candlestick park 5:00 p.m. 48 degrees. dropping to the mid 40's by 8:00 p.m. bound el up. need a jacket or sweat shirt. cold the next 3 mornings. see frost. and then after that we'll get out of the cold. bring you milder weather. temperatures by afternoon next week dan upper 50's to low 60's. now this is one of those rare times when the bay area forecast coincides with what people in other parts of the country are experiencin experiencing. >> that's right. >> during the winter. micro climate make this a few place in the world with vastly different types of weather at once. this is one of the phenomenon weather team and i a
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)